Greenbrier Farms Photography / Videography Sessions Rentals

  • There is a fee (see below) for professional photographers to use the farm for sessions. You may hold as many sessions as you'd like during your paid time. Please see below for pricing.

  • Check-in is required for anyone visiting the farm for photography purposes, booking ahead for time if recommended and these forms will need to be completed: (PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER FORM and PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE FORM). Note, photography and visitors are not permitted outside business hours, unless there is written permission. This is a working farm, so it is vital that all visitors check in at the farmhouse/office. 

  • Photography must not interfere with events and regular operations that are occurring on property, this is why photography shoots must be scheduled.

  • While recreational/personal photography is permitted free of charge - anyone being paid for photography is considered professional, as is anyone who has been paid for photography in the past.

 **Photography Sessions– $100 for first hour, $50 each add’l hour for Professional Photographers – Professional Grade Cameras (amateur or professional) require a contract. Camera Phones always welcome.

Feel free to use #historicgreenbrierfarms for social media posts and we may feature your pictures on the website or on one (or more) social media pages.

We love that people love Greenbrier Farms!  If you are a professional photographer, you'll love the variety of locations, from peach orchards to wheat fields, Christmas trees and wildflowers. We also enjoy having families come for personal photography as well.


If you'd like to have your photographs taken at Greenbrier Farms, there are a few guidelines, below. As always, please call if you have any questions (757) 421-2141. 

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